U is for Update anxiety

And how to fix it

Now that I’m enjoying moderate success with TextingStory I find it increasingly scary to change anything in the app or add features. I’m worried I’ll break something or that users will stop liking it. It has a paralyzing effect I wasn’t expecting!

I try to remember that any changes can always be rolled back. That helps a little 😅

But most importantly, I’ve discovered this was a sign that I needed to start getting more outside help. I now spend more time discussing the app’s strategy and design with friends who work in similar fields. I’ve had discussions with an Apple design evangelist and an Apple technology evangelist. I’ve done workshops with an app marketing consultant and a UX designer.

I don’t blindly follow outside advice, as nobody understands my app better than me, but getting many different perspectives has helped me see things more clearly and get past this update anxiety. I definitely recommend it!

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