A is for “Apps”

The magical power of “Apps”

Building an app and shipping it through the app store has something magical to it. Your creation becomes available all over the world in the blink of an eye.

Even a dozen free downloads a day or one daily paid download is satisfying. Receiving messages from users thanking you for your work is priceless. My first apps were niche apps and never brought in any meaningful money. I did receive pictures of a Dutch performer using them on stage though. One of them was used at an exhibit in Berlin to enable visitors to interact with music. An American dad sent me a picture of his son’s amazing BB-8 costume that he had complemented with my sound effect app. A user told me my app was enabling her visually impaired grandma to listen to audiobooks. Great feelings.

If you tell people around you that you’re building an app, chances are they will be interested in a positive way. Soon, they’ll tell you they have an idea for an app too, or that they’d love to learn how to make apps! Business-oriented people will love giving you their opinion about how to turn your app into the next chart-topping wonder.

The beauty of apps is that they live in everyone’s pockets and have a meaningful impact on our daily lives. We sometimes forget this when we’re making apps every day. So, check out those five-star reviews for a quick reminder!

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