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This ABC is for developers who would like to support themselves financially with their independent app dev work.

I’ve been able to call myself a full-time indie dev since 2017, thanks to the success of the TextingStory app in the Apple App Store and the Android Play Store. It wouldn’t have been possible without the treasure trove of resources I found online to guide me, and I feel it’s time to provide my own contribution.

I’m not looking to be exhaustive. An ABC seemed enough to cover a lot of ground, from motivation to design, coding or marketing, while being easily digestible.

Bear in mind that I’m writing about what worked for me. Do take a look at other perspectives if you want to get a fuller picture of what it means to be an indie app developer.

I would advise the wonderful iOS Dev Weekly newsletter if you’re looking for more resources. I’ve learned so much from reading it – a huge ‘thank you’ to Dave Verwer and everyone who has been featured in the newsletter!

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