Q is for Quick and dirty

Done is better than perfect

Indie app developers often come from a software engineering background and tend to pay a lot of attention to the quality of their code. In my opinion, this isn’t relevant at every stage of a project.

Adopt a hackathon spirit in the early stages. It’s OK to copy and paste a chunk of code you barely understand from the web. If you can get it working quickly with a little tinkering and test it thoroughly you might be saving yourself days of trying to understand the official documentation. It’s OK if you have to throw out that chunk of code later and rewrite it. Chances are you’ll only have to clean it and add sound error handling.

This is also true for other aspects of app building. Your first icons don’t need to be pixel perfect – they’re barely visible on today’s high dpi screens. I made my first app icons with PowerPoint. Hardly a professional graphic design tool but I already knew how to use it and it would have taken me too much time learning Photoshop or Sketch back then.

Always take a step back and ask yourself whether you can afford to spend time building something by the book.

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